Quick Tips for a Great Video Visit!

  • Most facilities allow same-day/multiple visits, however, it is highly recommended to schedule as far in advance as possible as visit slots can fill up quickly.
  • A strong Wi-Fi connection or a wired internet plug-in is always preferred over using cellular data.
  • Cellular data/hotspots are not always reliable enough for a good quality video visit. It is best not to rely on a cellular data network for a quality video session. Attempting to visit using a cellular data connection is at the visitor’s risk.
  • Make sure that your desktop or mobile device has the most up to date version. See System Requirements
  • If you are using a Mobile device, close all other applications before starting your visit.
  • Always log in a few minutes early for your visit to test your camera and microphone. Some computers and mobile devices will ask you to “enable” or “allow” the camera and microphone separately.
  • If you experience any technical difficulties with your device, please contact us before or during your visit. If you are using your mobile device for the visit, click on “hang up” and call us while your visit is happening.
  • For instructions on beginning your visit click here

By following these simple steps, you will have a memorable visit and your loved one or friend will appreciate it even more so. Our Customer Care team is always glad to help you.

Visitor Support

inmate video visitation

A few extra tips to keep your account active...

  • Do not take pictures or video of the inmate during your visit.
  • Do not show any inappropriate pictures during your visit.
  • Dress & act appropriately as if you were visiting in person at the facility.