If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, the iWebVisit platform can be used with all operating systems (Windows, Linux and Apple). If you are using a tablet computer or mobile cellular device, the iWebVisit platform works with the Android operating system.

At this time the iWebVisit system does not support the iPhone or iPad, however an Apple MAC Book laptop is supported. Support for iPhone/iPad is coming soon so please check back regularly for updates.

NOTE: For the best quality video experience, please ensure that you have the latest updates available for both your operating system and Google Chrome Browser.

There are a wide variety of Webcam options. If you have a recent laptop, then you most likely have a built-in webcam on your laptop monitor. If you need to purchase one however, they are very easy to install and usually cost less than $30 from many retailers (See Photo).

You can purchase a Pre-Paid Visa Money Card at most any local retail outlet. You can put cash on it, order a new one with your name on it, and even refill it anytime you like (See Photo).

NOTE: When using a prepaid money card, make sure to register the card with your personal information before attempting to schedule a visit.

Click Here to review our Refund/Cancellation Policy

Yes, it is. Please follow the guidelines under Confidential Visitors to be designated as a Confidential Visitor. As a confidential visitor, you may be able to perform consecutive visitations lasting longer than the standard visitation time and with greater frequency.

The visitation time is determined by the facility. Once registered, you will be able to view the visitation length prior to scheduling the visit. The visit duration does not start until both parties enter the video conference. You can also view the visit time duration for each facility on our Pricing page.

Contact the facility you desire to use our services with our information, and also contact us here: support@iwebvisit.comso that we may follow up on your request.

The visitation frequency is a policy determined by the facility. Many facilities allow same-day visits and multiple visits per week. Although, it is recommended to schedule as far in advance as possible.

Only Confidential Visitors (attorneys, priest, or other designated confidential visitors) are permitted private visitations. Standard visitations are monitored and recorded.

If you did not violate any facility policies or iWebVisit Terms of Use, then you may qualify for a credit for a future visit.

PC Webcams for video visit