Confidential Visitor Information

Our System provides visits that are not monitored or recorded to professionals who are eligible for Confidential Status. If you would like to conduct confidential visits, the first step is to Create an Account. Once you create your visitor account online, please call (775) 434-8748 to be added to the database of the desired Facility.

At this point your visits will still be able to be monitored and recorded, so prior to scheduling your first visit, you must go to the Jail with your state-issued ID and professional credentials to be given Confidential status. A jail supervisor will confirm your eligibility and add the confidential designation to your account. All visits scheduled on the confidential account from that point on, will be private and will not be monitored or recorded. Keep in mind that if you visit at more than one jail, you will need to get confidential status at each one before scheduling remote visits.

Additional details may be found by clicking on the link referencing Confidential Visitors under the Visitation Type information located on the “Schedule A Visit” screen once logged into our system. Once you’ve created an account, you can Sign In any time to access your account, review your visitation history, and schedule new visits.

***If you schedule visits prior to obtaining confidential status, those visits will be monitored and recorded. You must cancel and reschedule any pending visits after being granted confidential status for those visits to be rescheduled as Confidential***