Confidential Visitor Information

If you are an attorney, priest, or other recognized Confidential Visitor by the incarceration facility you want to visit with, then you can use Video Visitation Services completely secure. Once you register yourself as a Confidential Visitor with the desired facility, and are approved in the iWebVisit system, none of your visits can be monitored or recorded.

In order to be designated as a Confidential Visitor, you need to first Create an Account in our system and then appear in person to the visitation counter at your desired facility. Upon showing your identification, your existing account will then be designated as a Confidential Visitor so all future visitations from that point on, with that facility, will not be monitored or recorded. You will need to go to each facility that you desire to be flagged as a Confidential Visitor to gain this designation by them uniquely. You only need one account for all facilities, but each facility needs to confirm your Confidential status independently. Be advised, any visitation you participate in PRIOR to receiving your Confidential designation by each facility will be monitored and recorded.

Additional details may be found by clicking on the link referencing Confidential Visitors under the Visitation Type information located on the “Schedule A Visit” screen once logged into our system. Once you’ve created an account, you can Sign In any time to access your account, review your visitation history, and schedule new visits.