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Inmate Video Visits bring you closer

If you have a loved one that has come under unfortunate circumstances and has been incarcerated, we understand how difficult it can be to visit them. The Remote Video Visitation System allows for Online Video Visitation with your loved one from the comfort of your own home, office, or anywhere you have access to high-speed Internet. You can easily and conveniently schedule visitations online through this web site. Simply sign into the system by Creating an Account above schedule your visit. Going to an incarceration facility takes time and can be very stressful. You can be subjected to waiting in line for hours and possible physical searches.  In-person visits often require missing work or spending an entire Saturday traveling and just getting through the security process for a single visit.  
If children want to visit but you would rather not expose them to all that goes along with an in-person visit, then Video Conferencing is your best solution. Another great advantage this service offers is that you don’t have to live in the same City or State where your loved one resides, but you can still visit with them face to face. Using our state of the art technology, you can visit in real time without leaving home and enduring the hassle. Our Video Conferencing Solution allows you to use standard high speed Internet on your PC or Mac to conduct a visit that is many times more cost effective than a phone call. In addition, you can conduct Multi-Party Video Conferencing so Grandma from Washington and Mom in Nebraska can visit the son in Nevada all at the same time.